About Me….

I am a senior technical writer and instructional designer with 15 years of technical writing experience across diverse industry sectors.

My role is essentially to work between system builders and the people who use them, to explain how they work in plain English.

In addition to technical writing, I am also an advanced SharePoint content manager, specialising in SharePoint libraries and documentation management.

My motto is Albert Einstein’s  ‘things should be as simple as possible – but no simpler’.

  • I like learning to use new technology and getting to know new people.
  • I have worked across a wide range of industries and subjects.
  • I am up-to-date and expert with the tools of trade and am a fast learner.
  • I have a meticulous eye for detail, the skill to explain concepts and processes in simple terms, and the ability to show how the parts fit into the whole.
  • I work autonomously, requiring minimal oversight, while producing top-quality documentation.

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