Tex·ter·i·ty (noun)

    1. Skill and grace in the preparation of written text, especially concerning technical and business matters;
    2. Literary skill or adroitness; cleverness.

Jonathan Shearman, principal of Texterity,  provides professional services in technical writing, instructional design and documentation systems.    A technical writer since 2004,  Texterity has written, edited and published books, magazines, annual reports, functional and technical specifications, product reviews and user guides on software and products, ranging from corporate systems to specialised PC applications.

Industries Served

I have provided technical writing services across a wide range of industries including computer vendors, broadband and VoIP manufacturers, health insurance, superannuation, not-for-profit, start-ups, and professional services companies.

Experience Matters 

Breadth of experience gained across 15 years in the tech industry provides for a depth of insight and analytical ability which is not found in many consultants.


Expert in a range of environments and across a number of applications, including MS Office & SharePoint, Robohelp and Author-IT,  Acrobat and  Confluence, and elearning tools including Camtasia, Captivate and Articulate.  Experience with Git, GitHub and the software development lifecycle.

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